Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars which erupt in your mouth during late teens or early twenties. As long as these teeth erupt straight, they do not cause any problem or discomfort. However if these teeth erupt sideways, partially or remain trapped within the gums, they may cause lot of complications and may require surgical intervention.

When wisdom tooth fails to erupt or push through into the mouth, it is referred to as impacted wisdom tooth. It can be either fully enclosed beneath the gums or be partially exposed into the mouth. Since wisdom teeth are last to erupt, sometimes there may be inadequate amount of space for them to erupt into the mouth. This results in development of tilted, angled or crooked wisdom tooth, which if not removed can be troublesome in the long run. Impacted wisdom tooth may crowd other teeth and may cause pain, swelling around jaw, red or swollen gums, tender or bleeding gums, jaw pain, bad breath, unpleasant taste in mouth or difficulty opening  mouth. Sometimes they may also cause infections and lead to the development of cysts and tumours. Incompletely erupted teeth can lead to pocket formation where food, bacterial plaque and calculus tend to collect. This results in the cavity formation which may spread to the neighbouring teeth and cause their decay. Moreover, wisdom teeth which do not erupt may move in the direction of the adjacent tooth roots and thereby cause resorption by exerting pressure on them. Therefore it is imperative to get rid of wisdom teeth which do not erupt straight in the mouth.

Teeth Care Centre® have competent and skilful oral surgeon who is proficient in wisdom tooth extraction. Our team of dental professionals will thoroughly examine and evaluate the position and condition of your wisdom teeth through clinical examination and 2D or 3D X-rays, in order to determine the right treatment plan and safe surgery for you. The entire procedure of wisdom tooth removal is carried out under local anaesthesia with hi-tech instrument in order to ensure a pain free and comfortable dental experience. We also provide the option of conscious sedation for anxious and apprehensive patients.  Moreover, we also render wisdom tooth extractions using dental lasers for blood free dental treatment.

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