Multiple Teeth Implant

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Dental implants are titanium, zirconium or PEEK posts which are surgically placed into the jaw bone beneath the gums in order to replace roots of missing teeth. Multiple teeth implants are used to replace multiple missing teeth and restore their structure and functions.

Multiple teeth implants are the long term solution for all your problems unlike dental bridges which depend on their adjacent teeth for support. Once the supporting teeth fall off, dental bridges fail in serving their purpose.

Bone loss is one of the most common hindrance observed in cases of multiple missing teeth. Lack of sufficient underlying bone is the biggest contraindication for dental implants if patient wants to avail dental implant as an option. However, this is not a problem when it comes to us. At Teeth Care Centre we provide bone augmentation procedures to add bone in areas with severe bone loss.

High success rates have made us one of the leading implant centres in India. We believe in using the best quality of dental implants which can last you for years. We exclusively use world’s renowned brand implants for all our implant surgeries. Owing to its worldwide acceptance, you can avail its service anywhere in the world without any trouble.

At Teeth Care Centre® we have a team of highly trained and expert implant surgeon, periodontist and oral surgeon for placing implants. It is often a challenge to fabricate prosthesis over an implant which is highly aesthetic as well as serves it purpose. But at Teeth Care Centre we have one of the best team of cosmetic dentist and prosthodontist in order to provide wide range of highly aesthetic restorations at implant, abutment and crown level.

Moreover, we adhere to strict sterilization and disinfection protocols which eliminate any chances of infection or cross contamination. With cutting edge techniques and natural looking prosthesis, we strive to place implant which look and feel like your own natural teeth.

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