Cyst Removal

Facial or jaw cyst is the sac of tissue either filled with fluid or some tissue. These cysts develop next to or around teeth which often do not have any symptoms and usually diagnosed during routine dental check-ups. Dental cyst if left to grow can impose serious problems on your dental health in future. Some cysts develop around the root tip due to trauma, crack or decay. While some cysts are formed around un-erupted or partially erupted teeth. A growing cyst can impose problems if they get infected. It can be very painful and cause swelling in the area of growth. These cysts sometimes can cause the untimely exfoliation of adjacent teeth. Occasionally, they can grow big enough to fracture a jawbone. To avoid future complication, surgical intervention is necessary.

At Teeth Care Centre we have highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon who diagnosis, performs this surgery with utmost precision and minimally invasive and also send tissue sample to laboratory for further investigation if needed .For anxiety ridden patients we provide the facility of conscious sedation, in order to calm the patient and reduce treatment associated stress and apprehension. In order to make surgery bloodless and completely remove any chances of re-infection and to cause shrinkage of any cystic lesions, we also provide the option of laser application. This eliminates any further chances of infection and leaves you with a smile you always deserved.

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