Gum Surgery

Gum surgery is performed to gain access to the roots of the teeth in cases where non-surgical procedures fail to maintain the periodontal (gum) health. Gum surgeries lift the gums to allow visualization and gain access to the root to eliminate gum infection to restore health, beauty and function of the gums.

Clinical signs for gum surgery are foul odour from mouth; red, swollen or bleeding gums. It is indicated in severe gum diseases, wherein the gums get inflamed up to an extent where they start causing destruction of the bone and tissues surrounding it. Inflammation of gums further leads to the development of pockets or spaces between the gums and the teeth which trap the food and bacteria and cause infection. This eventually causes tooth loss and bone damage.

Sometimes the gum surgery also involves the grafting procedures like:
Bone grafting:This procedure replaces the damaged or destroyed bone surrounding the root of the tooth with new bone.
Tissue grafting: This procedure is used in case of gum recession wherein gum line is noticeably lowered or aesthetically not pleasing.

Teeth Care Centre has specialised gum surgeon called periodontist. We use magnification loupes to perform precise and accurate surgery.  We also provide the option of laser gum surgery which are less traumatic, blood less and painless compared to the conventional gum surgeries performed with blades. Laser gum surgeries are less invasive and therefore ensure faster healing.

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