Space Maintainer

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Space Maintainers are appliances specially customised by pedodontists or orthodontists in order to maintain spaces in the oral cavity for the permanent teeth to erupt. These spaces in the oral cavity are as a result of premature loss of baby teeth or because of the extraction of baby teeth due to dental decay. Space maintainers ensure that the permanent teeth erupt unhindered in the exact location and alignment in which they are meant to erupt.

Untimely loss or removal of baby teeth may to lead undesirable tooth movements which may increase the chances of developing malocclusions with crowding, crossbites, overjet and overbite. We control this undesirable tooth migration by placing space maintainers in the empty spaces to optimize normal occlusal development after premature loss of baby teeth.

Sometimes the space created upon premature loss of teeth is lost by the drifting of adjacent teeth into its position. This in turn may hinder the eruption of permanent tooth and cause malocclusion. In order to curb the possibility of malocclusion, we use space regainers. These space regainers move the displaced adjacent tooth back to its initial position to reserve space for the erupting tooth.

Teeth Care Centre has the team of reputed kid dentists and orthodontists who are well versed in childcare and work towards eliminating dental fear associated with dental procedures in children. We also provide the facility of conscious sedation to reduce anxiety and apprehension in children.

We strive towards making your entire dental experience smooth and as hassle free as possible!

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