Guided Implant Surgery

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Computer Guided Implant surgeries are time effective, less stressful and aids in speedy recovery by minimizing the tissue manipulations. Narrow spaces and other challenging placements are often made easier using Computer Guided Implant surgeries. Safe implant placement and its ideal positioning are the basic goals in implant surgery; Guided Implant Surgery uses the computer generated 3D surgical guides to achieve both the goals. Surgical guides helps in precise placement of implant in the jaw bone without damaging underlying anatomic structures and nerves; and also increases success rate of implant by its perfect positioning that prevents further issues like screw loosening, fractures or compromised aesthetic outcome.

Our Implantologist creates a virtual plan using the implant planning software which allows us to evaluate underlying anatomic structures and helps to make the surgical guide accordingly with high accuracy and precision to prevent damage to underlying structures. Teeth Care Centre® uses the implant planning software called Nobel Guide which is the amalgamation of diagnosis, treatment planning and prepare 3D surgical guide with CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology. Our Guided Implant Surgeries are precise, highly accurate and renders maximum patient satisfaction..

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