Teeth Whitening / Zoom!

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Teeth Whitening is the cosmetic dental procedure to effectively lighten and brighten teeth by bleaching out stains and discolouration from the teeth surface. This treatment effectively transforms a dull looking smile into a bright luminous one. It is an easy and painless procedure to achieve the pearly white smile of your dreams.

Natural teeth tend to become stained or yellowish on the consumption of foods and beverages, tobacco products, or simply natural aging process which in turn hampers your confidence and self esteem. There are number of whitening procedure to inject a new life into your smile which helps you to walk through life with confidence and beauty.

Teeth whitening treatment can be performed at home or in-office by the chairside. At home whitening treatments are performed at home. This, however cannot brighten your smile to your desirable shade as it uses comparatively lesser concentration of whitening agents than in-office treatment .Therefore, chairside whitening is the most efficient way of teeth whitening as it gives visibly whiter teeth in accelerated period of time.

For patients who want to enjoy drastic results in no time and don’t wish to spend any extra time working on gradual results at home can opt for whitening /  Zoom! for achieving whiter teeth.

We also use latest lasers for teeth whitening which helps in accelerating the overall procedure of bleaching to produce luminous bright smiles with each sitting.

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