Fluoride Application

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Fluoride application is the non-invasive and painless dental treatment to prevent or arrest dental decay in children. Dental fluoride treatment comprises of applying dental fluoride in gel, foam or varnish form. Fluoride is a mineral known to strengthen the outer coating of teeth and keeping dental decay at bay. Fluoride forms a protective shield around the children’s teeth and protect the teeth from the hurtful acid attacks caused by plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

Professional fluoride application is the most effective way to decrease the prevalence of dental caries in children and improve overall dental health in children. Skilled pedodontist at Teeth Care Centre perform fluoride application procedure according to your child’s particular oral and dental situation. We make a point to ensure that adequate levels of fluoride needed are absorbed by the child’s teeth in order to successfully cease the acidic breakdown of the outer layer of the teeth.

The entire process of fluoride application is painfree and only takes about a few minutes for its successful application. We use only the best brand and quality of dental fluorides which can last for a long span of time and help in preventing the decay process. Fluoride application along with regular brushing and flossing helps in drastically reducing the occurrence of dental caries in children.

We aim to successfully eliminate dental decay from its core before it starts.

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