Black Triangle Correction

Black Triangle is the unsightly triangular space present at the base between the two teeth where gums have receded. It appears black as the darkness of the mouth is visible behind the teeth. Presence of this triangular space is annoying, since there is formation of bubbles while talking and one can constantly feel the air passing between the teeth. This can impose a severe blow on one’s self confidence and can make you look older.

The space between the teeth in normal circumstances is filled with triangular gum tissue called the papilla. However, due to gum disease, bone loss, natural ageing, ill-fitting dental work, traumatic oral hygiene procedures, accidental gum injury or anatomically malpositioned teeth, the gums start receding and the papilla tissue is lost. This leads to the formation of black triangle which is not only unaesthetic, but also aids in retention of food between the teeth. Food retention further aggravates the gum inflammation and causes gum recession by promoting bacterial growth.

At Teeth Care Centre®, there are a number of treatment options available to prevent food lodgement and restore the lost aesthetics. Some of the commonly used treatment modalities are:

Braces / Invisalign: In case of very narrow spaces, teeth can be moved closer by applying gentle and continuous force using braces.

Composite Bonding: Tooth coloured resin called composite is bonded to the teeth, in order to fill the triangular gap between the two teeth by thickening the base of the teeth.

Veneers: These are custom made, wafer thin layers of tooth coloured material placed on the front surface teeth to fill in the dark spaces created by the loss of papilla tissue.

Gum Surgery: In cases of severe gum recession, the gums can be re-contoured or formed back using gum grafts.

Dermal Fillers: These are temporary solution to plump the gum tissues and close the triangular spaces. Fillers are injected into the gums till the triangular void is filled. However, this is a temporary fix and lasts only up to six months.

Gingival Masks: These are pink removable appliances resembling gingiva and used to fill the triangular voids between the teeth. They can be snapped in and out of the mouth on will like dentures.

Bioclear Method: Bioclear is an alternative to the traditional bonding and porcelain. Unlike the bonding and porcelain which require some sort of tooth removal for their placement, bioclear is a non- invasive and restores the black triangle without requiring any sort of tooth preparation.

Hyaluronic Acid: It is the non- surgical means of reconstructing the interdental papilla using hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid aids in wound healing and speeds up the periodontal repair and regeneration.

Papilla Reconstruction: It is the surgical approach to fill the black triangle by placing a connective tissue graft trimmed accordingly to fit the size of the black triangle.

Correction of black triangle will completely change your smile and inject a new ray of self confidence in you. It will not only fix the void, but also works magic on your face and sheds years from your actual age.

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