Single Tooth Implant

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Dental implant is a titanium, zirconium or PEEK post which is surgically placed into the jaw bone beneath the gums in order to replace root of missing tooth. Implant once fitted into the jaw, is further covered with cap to replace the missing tooth.

Unlike dental bridges, implant saves the adjacent healthy teeth from being shaved and filed out as it doesn’t need to be anchored to the neighbouring teeth for support. Dental Implant integrates with the underlying jaw bone upon its placement and thereby looks and acts like your own natural tooth. Moreover, it also prevents the bone loss beneath the missing tooth and keeps the bone intact. It enables you to eat your favourite food without slipping away or hindrance.

Teeth Care Centre® is one of the best dental clinic in India and therefore we use only the best implants to ensure maximum patient satisfaction. We use world’s leading brand implant, so one can avail post treatment services in any part of the world which is not possible with local brands. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced implantologist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist and periodontist who ace in performing implant surgeries. High success rates of implant surgeries make us one of the best implant centre in India. Moreover we use a strict sterilization and disinfection protocol which eliminates any chances of infection or cross contamination. With amalgamation of latest implant technologies, highly skilled team of dentists and best brand implants, we aim to place implant which lasts you for a lifetime!

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