Deep Cleaning

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Scaling with root planing is termed as deep cleaning. Scaling involves removal of plaque and tartar upto gumline, while root planing is cleaning below gumline using specific dental instruments in order to clean and prevent any bacterial accumulation which otherwise may collect and cause serious gum problems.

Regular cleaning involves removal of plaque and tartar, but it only targets the surfaces of the tooth above the gumline. Deep cleaning on the other hand targets the surfaces at and below gumline, which if not cleaned may give rise to various gum diseases. Deep cleaning prevents the progression of gum diseases and prevents gum inflammation.

Bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, loose teeth, red and swollen gums, or pus around teeth and gums are some of the symptoms indicative of gum disease. Most of these signs are painless and may often go unnoticed which may aggravate the gum disease and can lead to early teeth loss.

We at Teeth Care Centre have a team of high qualified gum specialists who helps to identify these signs of gum diseases and cure it before its progression. The entire procedure of deep cleaning is performed with utmost care and precision in order to provide a pleasant and painless dental experience. We use highly advanced and world renowned Ultrasonic Scaler and Hand Scalers in order to ensure maximum treatment outcome to our patients. We also use high end dental lasers for deep cleaning to render a comfortable, bloodless and painless dental treatment. With variety of patient friendly treatment options, we aim to beat gum disease and keep dental problems at bay.

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