Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

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Teeth Cleaning is the thorough professional cleaning of the teeth, in order to remove dental plaque and tartar accumulated on tooth surfaces which otherwise cannot be removed by normal brushing. Polishing further removes the stains and minor imperfections on the teeth, giving visibly shinier and brighter teeth after every visit.
Cleaning and polishing from our skilled and experienced team of dental professionals, injects a new life into your smile by removing excessive dental plaque and tartar accumulated on the teeth which otherwise serves as a nutritive medium for bacteria which in turn are responsible for causing caries, gingivitis and various gum diseases.
It is imperative to get your teeth professionally cleaned bi-annually in order to achieve cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

Teeth Care Centre® strictly abides by the sterilization protocols and only uses the sterilized instruments for dental procedure thereby eliminating any chances of blood contamination.
The latest and most advanced set of dental instruments used at Teeth Care Centre® for cleaning and polishing procedures are certain to make your overall dental experience pleasant, more comfortable and less painful.
Our skilled and experienced set of dentists can help you to cease the dental problems before their onset. Professional cleaning and polishing will keep a check on growth of bacteria and prevent gum diseases and eliminate any further chances of potential tooth loss.
Though connection between bacteria and heart looks foggy, but bacterial growth in the mouth, if not controlled can travel to different parts of the body and cause heart diseases. Therefore, it is advisable to takes essential steps to curb bacterial proliferation in the mouth..

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