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Teeth Care Centre® believes that when new dental technologies are being introduced everyday, it doesn’t make any sense to stuck in the past. So, we have an ultramodern dental office equipped with advance and latest technology. At Teeth Care Centre® (TCC), we use dental applications, materials and equipments manufactured by leading and renowned companies from around the world to ensure that our client receives the highest possible standards of dental care available today. We are equipped with advanced Computerized Software, Digital Imaging Systems which gives maximum benefit with minimum harm to our clients. We also accomplish Nanotechnology for the greater comfort to our clients. We are proud to bestow the audiovisual facility for patient education so that our client can easily visualize the final outcome of treatment before the treatment starts. We associate ourselves with the renowned and top quality laboratories from across the globe for our dental work.

Dental Treatment Unit -TCC is the first hospital in Gujarat equipped with high quality and advanced Belmont treatment unit from Japan with FDA and CE Approvals.
-It is the No.1 treatment unit in U.S.A that provides perfect dental care with exceptional patient comfort.
Digital Imaging TCC uses Digital Imaging system of Durr Vista Scan from Germany, a leading way in diagnostics which offers upto 90% less chances of radiation exposure and has an advantage of high resolution images for detailed diagnostics.
Sterilizer TCC follows the highest level of infection control by using the most trusted all over the world innovative class B autoclave Melag Vaccuclave 23B+ from Germany to ensure 100% protection against microorganisms and does rigorous testing to ensure adequate margin of safety.
Suction System Powerful Durr VS1200 suction from Germany provides a clean and noise free environment. Being one of its kind in Ahmedabad, removes infectious debris and aerosols from working area which thereby improves treatment outcome. It is also combined with a separator which drives away harmful chemicals like mercury.
Ultrasonic Cleaner To ensure that every patient is treated in with the highest standard of sterilization, TCC uses the latest Coltene Biosonic UC 125 ultrasonic cleaner from U.K that removes all the microdebris from instruments and cleans all the inaccessible areas before sterilization process.
X-Ray Unit Radiation being a health hazard, TCC takes utmost care for valuable clients by using ultramodern Carestream DC X-ray unit from Canada that reduces radiation exposure upto 90% and produces high quality images.
Treatment Light Our Dental Chair incorporates Faro ALYA Light from Italy having the brightness of 3000-35000 Lux for perfect shade matching and enhanced aesthetics.
Loupes Our dentist, at TCC uses magnification loupes by Carl Zeiss from Germany during treatment to assure accuracy while giving diagnosis and for doing precision work.
U.V Lights TCC has Philips U.V light purifiers from Netherlands in all premises that ensure disinfection by killing harmful bacteria from air.
Water Purification At TCC, patient’s health and well-being is first priority. All the treatment units supplies clean water by Kent from India processed under RO+UF+UV+TDS Control which thereby eliminates the chances of stagnant water in chair and prevents the risk of other infections.
Endomotor It is one among the best X-Smart Endodontic Micromotors by Dentsply from USA designed specifically to drive nickel titanium (NiTi) rotary files for complete bio-mechanical preparation.
Ultrasonic Scaler It is the latest technology P5 Newtron XS LED Satelec piezoelectric scaler from France which removes dental plaque and stains without causing even slightest discomfort.
Curing Light World’s leader Bluephase Style by Ivoclar Vivadent from Liechtenstein is a dual light system which enables us to use the latest materials without causing their darkening for best aesthetics.
Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation Matrx MDM-D Digital Flowmeter from USA is the world’s No.1 Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation system. It meets the highest safety and quality standards for nitrous oxide delivery.
Dental Laser Biolase Epic from USA is the world’s No.1 dental laser which helps to perform painless and bloodless dental procedures.
Apex Locator TCC has world’s best J.Morita Root ZX mini from Japan. It has 99% success rate owing to its high accuracy.
Physio Dispenser  W&H Implantmed from Austria ensures highest level of implant placement gives accurate torque control.
Digital Scanner TCC uses Intra Oral Scanner for digital impressions.
Implant Surgery Software DTX Studio™ design software from Switzerland for Computer Guided Robotic Implant Surgery Planning.
Articulator &  Facebow TCC uses Bio-art A7fix articulator + Facebow from Brazil to record spatial position of maxilla and mandibular arc of closure.
Digital Smile Designing Digital Smile Designing Software from Brazil for Smile Designing, Simulation, Oral Aesthetic & Structural Evaluation.
Digital Photography Room Canon RP Mirrorless DSLR Camera From Japan for best aesthetic outcome.
Irrigation System Dentsply EndoActivator from Netherlands to energize the hydrodynamic phenomenon for proper cleaning and disinfection of root canals.
Air Polisher airNgo easy by ACTEON from France for perfect polishing and stain removal.
Cephalometric Software NemoCeph by NEMOTEC from Spain for the advanced diagnosis and treatment planning of the orthodontic cases.
Air Purifier Aeroguard Pro multi-stage filtration makes operatory free from infections. Its filters remove harmful pathogens that spread infections.
Intraoral Scanner 3Shape TRIOS5 from Denmark scanner have been at the top of dental scanners, delivering a seamless blend of accuracy and patient comfort.

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