Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration

Guided bone and tissue regeneration are the surgical dental procedures which use bone graft material and barrier membranes to initiate the growth of new bone and gingival tissue in places with insufficient bone or gum volumes for proper function and aesthetics.

Guided bone regeneration
Guided bone regeneration surgeries like auto transplantation, ridge split and sinus lift is used for the development of hard tissues in the oral cavity. Bone graft is used to increase the height or width of the ridge in cases where it is resorbed. It is mainly used when the jaw ridge gets too narrow to place dental implants.
It is particularly indicated for the following purposes:
-Building up bone for implant placement
-Preserving socket after tooth extraction
-Filling up bone after cyst removal
-Repairing minor bone defects surrounding implant and teeth.

Guided tissue regeneration
Guided tissue regeneration is used for the development of soft tissue in the oral cavity. It is mainly indicated to address gum diseases which eventually result in pocket formation. It is used in case of gum recession wherein gum line is noticeably lowered. To fix this, our gum specialist removes a section of tissue from one part of the body and re-attaches it to the receded gum area thereby reducing the risk of further damage.

Teeth Care CentreĀ® has a team of highly skilled dental surgeons who perform regenerative procedures with utmost accuracy and precision. We use cutting edge techniques and world class materials in order to achieve optimum results. We provide pain free and bloodless grafting procedures using lasers. Surgeries performed with lasers are less invasive and tend to heal faster.

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