Inlay and Onlay

Inlay is an indirect (laboratory made) restoration used to restore posterior decayed or damaged teeth, in which the damaged portion is too extensive to be treated with simple filling. It will incorporate and restore chewing surfaces of the teeth between the cusps.

While onlay is an indirect (laboratory made) restoration which is used to restore posterior decayed or damaged teeth, in which the damaged portion is not extensive enough to need a full coverage crown. Onlays will restore and incorporate one or more cusps.

Based on the nature of material used in their fabrication, inlays can either be gold type, porcelain type, composite type and zirconium type. Porcelain, zirconium and composite inlays are much more aesthetically appealing than the gold ones due to their close resemblance to the natural tooth colour.

Inlays and onlays do not require removal of healthy portion of tooth and thus helps in preservation of natural tooth structure. Porcelain and zirconium inlays do not chance colour over time and are aesthetically appealing. Margins of both inlays and onlays are kept minimal which makes them easier to clean and further help in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Moreover they restore and strengthen the damaged tooth.

Teeth Care Centre® are known to incorporate latest dental technologies in our clinic and therefore we use the latest CAD/CAM technology to design and fabricate a custom inlay or onlay. This means you can leave the dental office with fully aesthetically restored tooth.

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