Socket Preservation

Extraction of a tooth or teeth becomes inevitable due to pain, infection, bone loss, cracks or fracture in some of the cases. The bone and gums surrounding the extraction site may shrink and recede rapidly and in case of multiple teeth extraction it results in the collapse of lips and cheeks and facial sagging. The jaw defects developed as a result of teeth extraction may create hindrance while performing restorative treatments like dental implants, bridges, or dentures. Such jaw deformities arising from tooth extraction can be prevented or fixed by a procedure called socket preservation.

At Teeth Care CentreĀ®, we use several methods to minimize bone loss after tooth extraction. Filling the socket with bone graft material is one of the most commonly adopted modes of treatment. Once the socket is filled with bone graft, it is then covered with gum and allowed to heal for a considerable period of time. Socket healing eliminates chances of shrinkage and collapse of the adjacent bone and gums. Moreover, the newly formed bone in the socket aids in implant placement, by eliminating the need for procedures like sinus lift, ridge split and nerve repositioning.

We encourage the need of socket preservation following each extraction, to make the process of tooth replacement as sound and hassle free as possible for you.

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