Stem Cell Banking

Stem cell banking can be a life saving decision for the entire family. Due to sedentary life style habits there has been an incline in number of ailments across the world. Secondly, it is impossible for mankind to prevent or heal all disorders, so it is crucial to preserve stem cell. Hence, stem cell banking is the ultimate saviour for future worries.

Stem cells are the master cells which can differentiate to form the similar cells, which replaces the cells that are worn out or damaged. Moreover, it can also adapt into varied forms such as brain cells, blood cells etc.

They are capable of treating various disorders such as:
-Blood cell disorders-Anaemia, Leukemia etc.
-Alzheimer’s disease
-Parkinson’s disease
-Muscular dystrophy
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Spinal cord injuries
-Healing of wound
-Skin disorders
-Cardiovascular diseases
-Liver disease
-Kidney disease
-Eye disorders
-Crohn’s disease
-Cerebral Palsy
-Tooth and Bone repair

They can be collected from various sites such as Dental pulp, Bone marrow, Umbilical cord tissue and Adipose tissue.

We at Teeth Care Centre® have established a junction with renowned stem cell bank so that we can facilitate all our patients with the extraction of stem cells from the dental pulp of milk teeth and/or from the pulp of the wisdom teeth.

If you have missed a chance to preserve cells during your birth, then tooth stem cell banking is the alternative for you.

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