Braces Treatment

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Braces are an appliance designed to fix malaligned or crooked teeth by slowly and steadily pulling teeth into the alignment to give straighter and beautiful smiles. They are used to rectify various flaws like crowding, overbites, deepbites, cross bites or any sort of malocclusion.

Before the commencement of the treatment, we do the Cephalometric, Casts and Photographic analysis to give you the best occlusal and aesthetic results. We are the only clinic providing a detailed and thorough discussion of the entire treatment before it begins.

Traditional braces are most commonly used braces which use the metal brackets in conjunction with elastic ties which hold the wire in place. However we do not use these conventional braces as that are older technology and the entire procedure associated with it is cumbersome, painful and demands frequent visits to dentists on regular basis. With the advances in dentistry, there is introduction of more improvised braces called self-ligating braces, which we use in our clinic. They help to align and straighten the teeth without any elastic or metallic ties and are smaller in size. Instead they are designed with frictionless sliding mechanism which holds the wire in place and decrease the friction between brackets and wires, thereby aiding in more quicker and comfortable teeth movement compared to their counterparts. Absence of elastic bands makes cleaning easier and helps in maintaining proper dental hygiene and reduces chances of dental decay up to significant level. Overall self ligating braces are more comfortable and deliver faster treatment compared to the traditional braces. For image conscious patients, Damon ceramic braces often come with an option of clear brackets which merges with the natural tooth colour.

We also provide the option of lingual braces in which the metal brackets and wires are attached to the inner side of the teeth making them virtually invisible. They help in achieving straighter smile without having to compromise on your looks. Despite being aesthetic, lingual braces however are time consuming, may cause difficulties in cleaning, more frequent dental visits required and expensive as compared to self ligating braces.

We use wide variety of wires like Nickel Titanium, Thermal NiTi, Reverse Curve NiTi, Damon Cu NiTi, Stainless Steel, Post Aid, A.J.Wilcock, TMA, CNA Beta3 and tooth coloured wires to give utmost comfort level and maximum treatment outcome to our patients. The high-technology shape-memory wires require less adjustment and ultimately decrease the chairside time.

The latest and the most convenient way of aligning the teeth are the aligners which are alternatives to the traditional braces. Aligners are transparent invisible removable plastic trays. They are fast, painless and no dental visits are required. They can be snapped in and out of the mouth at will, owing to their removable nature and thereby one can maintain hygiene. We use the world’s best brands of aligners like Invisalign to produce excellent results in comparatively lesser span of time.

Teeth Care Centre is known for providing best orthodontic treatment and we use only the best quality and international brands of braces like 3M, American Orthodontics and ORMCO to produce superior results.

We aim to maximize your comfort and and give you the best ever orthodontic experience possible!

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