Sedation Dentistry

Conscious Sedation:

Sedation dentistry is the procedure where medications are used to send the patient in a state of calm and relaxation. These drugs are either inhaled or swallowed or injected, depending upon the type of sedation. Sedation dentistry works as a boon for petrified patients and in cases with long and painful dental procedures.

Sadly, a large number of population feel anxious and fearful while visiting a dentist. Some even have panic attacks at the dental office. This forbids them from getting the treatments they need. Minor dental problem get converted into big complications and results in severe degradation of the oral health because of avoiding dental visits out of fear and nervousness. Sedation dentistry helps patients relax during their dental visits and enables them to get the treatments they deserve. Sedation dentistry also helps in long, complex and conglomerate surgical procedures by making the patient comfortable and relaxed during the treatment with minimal to zero pain sensations.

Intravenous short duration anaesthesia is one way of achieving sedation but it is not preferred since it requires the medication to be injected inside the vein of the arm. Injection needle may further frighten the patient, and therefore it is not a very widely accepted option. It is also very crucial to administer right amount of sedative for a right period of time to ensure a safe sedation.

Another way of sedation is nitrous oxide inhalation sedation. At Teeth Care Centre®, we provide the most safest and convenient form of dental sedation, the world’s no.1 Matrx brand of nitrous oxide as conscious sedation. No pills or injections are used. A mask is placed over the nose and nitrous oxide gas is passed through it. As you begin to breathe in the gas, you slowly drift off into a stress-free state. Minimal to zero pain is felt during this phase, and sometimes you may easily fall asleep. But you will be able to respond to the dentist’s command. The effect of the gas wears off as soon as the mask is taken off. You will gain full consciousness immediately. Sedation through nitrous oxide has no side effects and it’s safe for both children and adults. It is most commonly used for those who experience anxiety while undergoing dental treatments. This form of conscious sedation relieves them of all the fear and apprehension. Our chief dentist, Dr Pankti Patel is highly trained and certified to perform conscious sedation, so that you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

With conscious sedation, we strive to render a painless and anxiety free treatment experience for you and your family.

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