Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is the treatment used to save a badly infected or damaged tooth without extracting it.  The procedure involves removing the damaged or infected part, cleaning the canal and eventually filling it with biocompatible material.

Some of the symptoms which are indicative of root canal procedure are tooth pain, sensitivity on eating hot or cold food items which persists for long period or tooth darkening.

Teeth Care Centre® is well versed with the latest advances in the field of restorative dentistry and uses the most advanced techniques and ultramodern equipment for carrying out the root canal procedures. We have cutting edge technology, which provides precision in cutting and guides the way towards the root canal apex with Apex Locator while performing the procedure .We also provide Rotary RCT treatments which are performed with utmost ease, to ensure that your entire treatment experience becomes pleasant and pain free.

No matter how badly deformed your teeth are, we use the most versatile brand of products having superior properties and characteristics in order to restore your natural teeth and provide the most satisfying and desirable results .

We provide root canal treatment using the loupes which aid in better magnification of the desired field and provide utmost precision while performing the root canal procedure. We also use rubber dams to isolate the infected region, thus making it dry and free from salivary contamination. The latest RCT procedures are performed with lasers to ensure that your infected tooth becomes completely free from bacteria.

To eliminate any sort of anxiety or discomfort, we also provide the facility of conscious sedation which relieves any sort of anxiety and apprehension, thereby making the entire treatment pain and hassle free..

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