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Invisible clear aligner (Invisalign) is an alternative to braces. This removable, transparent plastic orthodontic device is designed and customised to perfectly fit your teeth and to unobtrusively adjust and shift misaligned teeth into their ideal position.

Invisible clear aligner radically changes your smile by correcting a number of orthodontic problems like overcrowding, gaps between teeth, overbites, crossbites, deepbites, etc. It uses the 3D smart force to move teeth very quickly into their spatial positions.

Earlier braces were the only treatment option available for aligning teeth. But with introduction of Invisible clear aligner over the past decade, the scenario of braces treatment has changed. It has made the entire process of teeth aligning more convenient and aesthetic. Invisible clear aligner is made up of transparent material which makes it virtually invisible and an ideal choice of treatment for those who want to align their teeth without compromising on aesthetics. It is composed of smart track material which makes it flexible and more comfortable to wear.

Unlike braces which remain attached to teeth with brackets and wires, Invisible clear aligner is removable and can be removed at will. It helps in maintaining a good oral hygiene as it can be removed while eating, brushing and flossing, owing to its removable nature. Other advantages over braces are no food restrictions, no painful ulcers and pain free treatment. If you are frequent traveller or having high job profile, you are a candidate for this. Invisible clear aligner uses smart forces to move teeth very quickly into their spatial positions, thereby reducing the overall treatment duration in comparison to the braces. Moreover, it also cuts down the number of visits to the dentists, as it can be changed every few weeks by the patient himself.

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We aim to provide only the best kind of treatment to our patients so that you can get that stunning straight perfected smile as seamlessly as possible!.

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