No-Prep Veneer

No prep veneers are the alternative to conventional veneers which are bonded to the facial surface of the tooth without reducing the tooth surface. No prep veneers are the ideal choice for people who have chipped or cracked teeth, slightly discoloured or stained teeth, minor spaces between teeth, misshapen, fanged or pointy teeth and slightly misaligned teeth, lightly crowded teeth, worn out or small teeth.

No preparation veneers have ample of advantages over conventional veneers. They conserve the tooth surface as it does not require any sort of tooth preparation. No prep veneers can be placed over unattractive crowns without actually replacing them. The entire treatment is reversible and one can always go back to their natural teeth at will.

However, no prep veneers are not suitable option for everyone. Since there is no shaving of the tooth structure involved, there may be a development of ledge between the veneer and the tooth where food may accumulate, causing gum infection and bleeding. There are also chances of developing tooth decay in future due to continuous food lodgement near the ledge. Moreover, sometimes teeth may appear bulky and fake due to no tooth preparation. Also they cannot mask all the imperfections and discolouration due to their extreme translucency. These veneers can also interfere with the bite and speech since they add up to the length of the teeth. They can be fragile and there are chances where they can dislodge or chip off vey easily. But with proper precautionary measures and care, no prep veneers can magically transform your smile into “Hollywood Smile”.

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