Growth Modification Appliance

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Growth modification appliances are the appliances used to correct the shape, position or width of the jawbone and thereby prevents malocclusions from forming. These appliances guide the process of proper jawbone formation by increasing or decreasing its growth and helps in correcting bad bites. Growth modification process is best to complete in child’s growing years. Once growth is complete, surgery is the only option for correcting significant jaw misalignments.

Growth modification appliances guide bone growth to correct crossbite, openbite, overbite, underbite and thereby helps in creating optimal facial symmetry and proper oral and nasal functions. It is a gentle and a non invasive way to prevent or correct a malocclusion which otherwise would require surgical intervention during later stage of life. Growth modification process injects a ray of self-esteem and confidence in a child by bringing teeth and jaw into alignment.

At Teeth Care Centre, we have a team of orthodontist, pedodontist and ENT who work in accordance with each other to plan the treatment. When you see any sort of bone discrepancy in your child, it is advisable to take the opinion of your dentist at the right time. Growth modification appliances will help to eliminate the need of undergoing corrective surgery and extensive orthodontic treatment in future.

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