Digital Dentistry

Intraoral scanners are the devices used to take digital impressions of the oral cavity. They create virtual copy of the mouth by capturing high-quality images. These scanners eliminate the need of taking impressions using impression materials. It reduces discomfort and suits perfectly to the patients who has gag reflexes and allergic to impression materials. Moreover, these scanners are time-efficient (by reducing significant time to transport plaster models to dental lab), eliminates plaster model errors and allows better communication with the dental technicians, which in turns helps to fabricate the prosthesis faster, with very high accuracy and with exact shade matching. Intraoral scanners enable us to provide instant results and cuts down on the number of your dental visits by speeding up the lab turnaround time.

At Teeth Care Centre®, we provide digital impression to fabricate prosthetic restorations like inlays, onlays, copings and frameworks, single crowns and fixed partial dentures to achieve more precise and accurate prosthesis. We have also incorporated intraoral scanners in implant dentistry for guided surgeries and in orthodontics for fabricating various appliances and custom-made devices like clear aligners.

Precise work and time is valuable and that’s why by implicating the use of intraoral scanners, we leave no stone unturned by providing you best result at the earliest!

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