Tooth Coloured Filling

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Tooth coloured filling is used to restore decayed, fractured or chipped tooth which camouflages perfectly to your natural teeth. Composite fillings give superior aesthetics in a single visit.

There are a number of options available to restore the teeth like composites, gold or other metallic alloys. These metallic fillings are very evident while talking or smiling and can often be the reason for embarrassment or self-consciousness. Silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is proved to be hazardous for health owing to its potential toxicity. Hence, the safest and the most ideal choice for restorations is composite.

Composite bonds well with your natural teeth and aid in restoring the integrity of the damaged or decayed tooth. Moreover, it is free from any toxic metals and is most widely used restorative material owing to its natural tooth like appearance, lesser cost and non-toxic nature.

Our Cosmetic Dentist at Teeth Care Centre® want your restored teeth to look natural and beautiful and that’s why we opt for composites wherein you cannot differentiate between the natural tooth and restored tooth even if you take a very closer look at it .

These are very durable and will last for ages, giving you a long lasting, beautiful smile..

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