Apicoectomy is the surgical removal of root tip of an infected tooth along with its adjacent infected tissues or cystic lesion. The root end is filled in order to eliminate any chances of reinfection in future. Apicoectomy is recommended in cases of inaccessible canals, overfilled canals, fractured root, draining sinus tract, broken instrument and cyst or granuloma formation.

Persisting pain in a previously root canal treated tooth may be indicative of re-infection or an unsuccessful root canal procedure. Sometimes there may also be chances of cystic formation in infected region. Usually a second root canal treatment is considered before performing apicoectomy in an attempt to eradicate the recurrent infection. Failure to curb infection may cause it to spread and can damage the adjoining teeth or an underlying bone. Therefore it is imperative to cease the spread of infection at the grass root level through apicoectomy procedure.

At Teeth Care CentreĀ® we have highly skilled endodontist and oral surgeon who perform this endodontic surgery with utmost precision. For anxiety ridden patients we also provide the facility of conscious sedation to reduce treatment associated stress and apprehension.

In order to completely remove any chances of reinfection we provide the option of laser application.

This eliminates any further chances of infection and leaves you with a smile you always deserved.

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