Tumour Removal

Tumour is an abnormal mass of tissues which may form lumps or growth. There are various types and sizes of tumours. Tumours may be non cancerous, precancerous or cancerous.

Diagnosis of tumour is based on their type and location. This is done by our oral surgeon or oral pathologist using biopsy test performed on the section of tissue taken from the tumour. Treatment of tumours is also based on its location and type. Non-cancerous tumour excision is a delicate job and is usually performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon while the cancerous ones are treated with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery performed by an onco surgeon and health care team.

At Teeth Care Centre we have highly skilled oral surgeon who is specialised in non-cancerous tumour removal surgery and our prosthodontist is specialised in reconstruction of the site after tumour removal to restore normal function. For anxiety ridden patients we provide the facility of conscious sedation, in order to calm the patient and reduce treatment associated stress and apprehension. In order to completely remove any chances of re-infection, we also provide the option of laser application.

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