Sinus Lift

Sinus lift is the surgical procedure to add bone in the back region of the upper jaw, in the area of upper molars and premolars when enough bone is not present below maxillary sinus for placing implants. It is also sometimes termed as sinus augmentation. Lack of sufficient bone in the maxillary jaw can either be due to loss of one or more tooth in the posterior region of upper jaw.

Sinus augmentation can be achieved by two procedures –direct and indirect. However the gain in bone height is greater when achieved through direct procedure compared to the indirect.

The entire procedure is delicate and needs to be performed with utmost care and precision, in order to avoid any mishaps. Teeth Care Centre® has a team of highly qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist who are experienced and have performed many sinus lift surgeries in the past. Our cutting edge technology, latest instruments and highly researched and renowned brand of bone graft material ensure that the entire surgery is completed safely and seamlessly.

We also provide the facility of conscious sedation for patients facing anxiety and apprehension related to dental surgeries. Conscious sedation relieves the treatment related stress and anxiety, and makes the entire dental treatment smooth and pleasant.

With combination of best surgeons and advanced techniques like dental laser, we make the entire procedure of sinus lift, bloodless and absolutely pain free for you!

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