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Majority of parents fail to prioritize the need for dental care for their baby’s teeth until it becomes a concern and causes pain and discomfort. This is because of the false perception about milk teeth not being important, as they exfoliate eventually. However, this is not the case. Milk teeth are as important as the permanent teeth. Therefore, it is imperative to take good care of your child’s milk teeth as they may affect the development of permanent teeth.

Baby teeth function just like the permanent teeth and help to grind and chew food. They guide the permanent teeth into their spatial positions, thus reducing the chances of developing a malocclusion. Moreover, they add an attractive appearance to your child’s face by aiding normal development of the jaw bones and muscles. Primary teeth play a crucial role in the development of speech and enable your child to speak and pronounce words properly.

Avoiding regular dental check-ups and negligence for the health of milk teeth can adversely affect the overall dental health of your child. Neglecting dental caries in milk teeth may cause damage in the hidden permanent teeth that are forming inside the gums. Also it will cause the permanent teeth to erupt incorrectly and misaligned. Therefore it is extremely important to treat the dental problem at the right time before it aggravates.

At Teeth Care Centre, we have pediatric dentist who is specially trained to deal with the behavioural patterns of children and teenagers. The pediatric dentist is qualified to tackle children and meet their needs by adopting child friendly treatments. Our pediatric dentist spends lot of time to make child comfortable for dental treatment before it starts. Our operatories are noise free, anxiety free and with calm environment. We provide the facility of conscious sedation also which helps in eliminating dental fear and anxiety associated with dental procedures in children. We have the World’s No.1 Matrx Nitrous oxide sedation unit which ensures safe dose delivery without causing any discomfort. We restore decayed ,fractured or chipped teeth with tooth coloured material which camouflages perfectly to the natural colour of teeth.

We strive to increase the overall dental experience for your child by adopting anxiety free child friendly approaches and procedures and make your dental visit a pleasant one.

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