Full Mouth Reconstruction

It refers to rebuilding or replacing all the damaged and problematic teeth in the mouth with revised and augmented restorations or prosthesis, which results in fully functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth, gums and jaws.

A full mouth reconstruction is indicated when there are multiple dental problems like poor facial appearance, lack of functionality and speech hindrances. Apart from difficulty in eating and speaking, poor oral health also brings social embarrassment. Full mouth reconstruction is indicated when there are one or more of the dental issues like multiple missing teeth, trauma to the mouth , worn and torn out teeth , multiple decayed teeth, dislodged or fractured fillings, weak or discoloured teeth, misaligned teeth, gummy smile or in case of extensive gum infections.

Full mouth reconstruction needs personalized care. Our team of highly qualified and skilful dentists will suggest a best suited treatment plan which addresses all your major concern after thorough examination and legitimate evaluation. This is a complex procedure and requires an artistic vision to restore your smile to full health and beauty. The consultation will include clinical examination, radiographic analysis, cast analysis, and photographic analysis. An award winning Teeth Care Centre® is equipped with latest technology which provides rapid, accurate diagnosis and treatment with high level comfort.  A precise diagnosis forms the base of your treatment. The success rate of treatment is directly influenced by the diagnosis and treatment planning. Our doctors having years of experience down reached knowledge of their subject work towards providing high calibre treatments.

Generally we choose painless non-invasive procedures whenever possible. Following are some of the treatment options enlisted we consider for full mouth reconstruction.

Routine procedures: first step in full mouth reconstruction is routine procedures like filling, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, flap surgery, and root canal treatment.

Crowns and bridges: Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthesis that is cemented on the existing teeth, implants or root canal treated teeth. They are used to entirely cover or ‘cap’ a damaged tooth or to cover an implant. Besides strengthening the damaged tooth, crowns also improve aesthetics, shape, alignment and occlusion of the tooth. After loss of a tooth, the rest of the teeth move and create a space, which hinders the normal dental occlusion, causing a bad bite. Fabrication of crowns and bridges help prevent the development of bad bite. Good quality crowns like Zirconia or E-Max crowns live for decades without giving you any discomforts.

Veneers : These are custom made, wafer thin layers of tooth coloured material placed on the front surface of a chipped, stained, abnormally placed or crooked tooth to improve the colour, shade, size and overall appearance of the tooth and to protect the tooth from damage. Veneers are impervious to staining so you’ll always have your pearly whites being white as ever.

Braces and aligners: Correction of malocclusion is of critical importance when it comes to full mouth restorations. Apart from bestowing our patients with a precious smile, teeth alignment brings back the teeth to their spatial positions. When the teeth are finally where they are supposed to be, the patient will be relieved of many dental problems, main being correction of the bite.

Implant:  Implant is a replacement for root of the tooth which is embedded into the jawbone beneath the gums in order to replace missing tooth in the oral cavity. It provides support for the artificial teeth as well as dental bridges and dentures owing to its stability. Implants are great alternatives for people who aren’t ideal candidates for ordinary bridges and dentures due to poor ridges, gagging or sore spots.

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