Microscopic Dentistry

Teeth Care Centre® is known for rendering advanced dental procedures using cutting edge technology. One such example is incorporation of magnification by world’s no.1 Carl Zeiss loupes for detailed magnification of the working field. Our dental professionals execute excellent tooth restorations, root canal treatment, as well as other procedures with utmost ease and precision by magnifying field of working area.

This advanced level of magnification enables us to achieve beautifully aesthetic and functional results. Magnification detects tooth decay at the early stage before it expands. It curbs the tooth defect at an early stage before its progression. Magnification plays an important role to achieve life like results in cosmetic dental treatments. Magnification simplifies work for complex treatment procedures. In case of root canal procedures, it displays a larger picture which enables the dentist to remove even the minute necrotic pulp debris or broken instruments.

At Teeth Care Centre®, each and every procedure is carried out with utmost precision and accuracy to achieve flawless results. The quality of eliminating even the slightest of errors is what makes the best and separates us from the rest.

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