Gummy Smile Correction

If large portion of your gums is evident when you smile or laugh, consider it as a gummy smile. This often leads to lower self-esteem amongst individuals with such smiles. It not only makes them self-conscious, but also hinders their self-confidence to a great extent.

Gummy smile is caused by a number of reasons like abnormal teeth eruption, improper development of upper jaw, short upper lip, enlarged gingiva or hyperactivity of muscles of upper lip.

The treatment plan for a gummy smile however depends on the cause and size of the gum tissue visible while smiling. Our team of highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentists and gum specialist provide the correct guidance in deciding the ideal choice of treatment for the correction of gummy smile. Teeth Care CentreĀ® provides wide range of treatment alternatives to beautify your smile conveniently and effortlessly.

We render various dental procedures like gingivectomy in mild cases, wherein a small section of gum tissue is visible upon smiling. It involves removal of excessive portions of the gum tissue and recontouring its margins. We also provide treatment options like braces or invisalign for treating moderate cases of gummy smile. Jaw surgery is the available treatment option to rectify severe cases, wherein a large portion of gums is evident as a result of excessive vertical growth of upper jaw bone. Sometimes, the excessive elevation of the upper lip can lead to the exposure of a large portion of gums while smiling or laughing. For such instances, our group of highly experienced dental professionals carefully inject botox in the area of upper lip to reduce the elevation of elevator muscles of upper lip. This procedure, however is temporary and lasts upto 3 to 6 months.

We are equipped with the latest technology dental lasers and also provide an option of incorporating them for a more convenient, painless and bloodless dental procedure. Dental Lasers are the best treatment option available for people afraid of going under the knife. Procedures performed with lasers are almost painless, less traumatic and heal much faster compared to the conventional gum surgeries. It is therefore, one of the most widely accepted and preferred treatment option available today.

We aim at making your journey towards your perfect smile, as smooth and effortless as possible!

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