Aesthetic And Tooth Coloured Cavity Filling in Ahmedabad


What is Tooth Coloured Restoration?
A tooth coloured restoration is restoring a tooth as close as possible to its original form and function, so the tooth not only looks good but it functions optimally again, and in harmony with the adjacent and opposing teeth. It restores and repairs a damaged tooth due to trauma or cavity and mimic the natural appearance of tooth structure. In addition, tooth coloured restorations also cosmetically and artistically alters the size, colour and shape of teeth.

Advantages of Tooth Coloured Restoration:
> Aesthetics: As tooth coloured restoration closely matches the colour and shade of natural teeth, making it more lookalike.
> Bonding: Composite resins chemically bonds to tooth structure provides strong support to tooth and better finish.
> Versatility: Tooth coloured restoration can be used in variety of treatments like decayed, chipped, fractured, discoloured and worn-out teeth.
> Preparation: Tooth coloured restoration works on the principle of conservative dentistry. Minimal amount of tooth removed and with proper margins can be restored with restorative material.
> Non- hazardous: Tooth coloured restoration is biocompatible to individual’s health and environment, no side effects caused with proper implication and supervision..

Types of Restoration:-
Indirect Restoration- An indirect restoration is made outside the mouth, i.e. in a dental laboratory or by specialized equipment in the practice. Usually prepared with porcelain or ceramic materials, indirect restorations produce a better quality outcome for patients. While it takes longer to fabricate – an indirect tooth restoration is done over two visits.
Here are your indirect dental restoration options: InlayOnlay, Porcelain VeneerDental Crowns
Direct Restoration- A direct tooth restoration is done directly in the mouth during a single visit by the dentist. A direct restoration is usually made from – Amalgam(Mercury), composite resin or glass ionomer cement (GIC).

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Why Choose Mercury-Free (Poison-Free) Tooth Coloured Restoration?
Drawbacks of Amalgam Fillings: 
Amalgam is an alloy of mercury with other metals. It was used to be the most popular restorative material in 90’s worldwide. Dental amalgam filling has been banned in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, there is much discussion about mercury use in Europe and United States as mercury has environmental and health related risk releasing hazardous toxins and causing mercury toxicity-

Acute effects: Ingestion, causes nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, renal damage. Inhalation; causes chemical pneumonitis, pulmonary oedema.
Chronic effects: Renal and CNS damage, neurological syndromes.
Amalgam has following disadvantages as well:
> Unnatural appearance (silver coloured)
> More prone to tarnish and corrosion
> Tooth restored with amalgam produces metallic taste and susceptible to galvanic shock.
> Discoloration of tooth structure, amalgam pigment leaches out of filling to dentinal tubules manifesting permanent discoloration of tooth structure and metallic filling cast a shadow and makes tooth appear dark.
> Weakens the tooth structure: amalgam restoration was popular due to its longevity and strength but it has complex tooth preparation, leading to more tooth removal and it weakens tooth structure.
“So composite resins are highly preferred and are highly aesthetic and durable”

With Tooth Coloured Restoration, One Has The Following Questions:
Is it safe (biocompatible)?
Will it look natural like original teeth?
Will there be any hindrance in teeth cleaning and maintenance of hygiene?
Is it cost-effective (financially and biologically)?
Will it last long?

Why Choose Teeth Care Centre For Tooth Coloured Filling?

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If you’re considering cosmetic dental treatment, this is the cosmetic tooth restoration guide you’ve been looking for, as Teeth Care Centre primarily focuses on cosmetic dental treatment. Most cosmetic dentistry procedures at Teeth Care Centre are very affordable. Cosmetic dentistry can make you more attractive, restore self-esteem and give you increased confidence in life.
Biomimetic Restoration Approach: Treatment plans to maintain and save the maximum natural tooth structure using materials that mimic your natural teeth.
Magnification: We are known for rendering advanced dental procedures using cutting edge technology. One such example is incorporation of magnification by world’s no.1 Carl Zeiss loupes for detailed magnification of the working field. Our dental professionals execute crown preparation with perfect margins as well as other procedures with utmost ease and precision by magnifying field of working area.
This advanced level of magnification enables us to achieve beautifully aesthetic and functional results. Magnification plays an important role to achieve lifelike results in cosmetic dental treatments.
Composite Resin: TCC uses composite restorative material consisting of benzoyl germanium or novel acylphosphine oxide photoinitiators, which are able to improve aesthetic with no discolouration. TCC also uses composite with nano fillers, as advancement in nano technology improvised the composite to give better finish, the fillings are smoother, the material’s biodegradation over time is reduced and they also reduce marginal leakage and bacterial penetration
Light Curing Unit: TCC uses the best brand (Ivoclar Vivadent) multiwavelength LED light which is capable of polymerizing all light cured dental materials. Complete polymerisation is essential to obtain the ideal physical properties of restorative materials.

Rates of Tooth Coloured Restoration at TCC:

Resin Filling:3M-USA, Ultradent-USA, Ivoclar-Liechtenstein, Coltene-Switzerland, GC-Japan, Dentsply-USA, VOCO-Germany4000 to 6000 INR
Composite Anterior Build-up3M-USA, Ultradent-USA, Ivoclar-Liechtenstein,  Coltene-Switzerland, GC-Japan, Dentsply-USA7000 INR (US$ 80)

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cosmetic tooth coloured filling restoration crowns best aesthetic dentist india ahmedabad satellite denal clinic porcelain veneer smile designing (1)