Tooth Extraction Treatment in Ahmedabad

What is tooth extraction?
Complete removal of one or more teeth from the bone in the mouth is termed tooth extraction.

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Why is tooth extraction required?
There are several reasons for tooth extraction.
They are mainly due to fractured tooth, tooth decay, periodontal or gum disease, impacted tooth, unerupted wisdom tooth, orthodontic intervention, etc.

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Pros and Cons of tooth removal:-
– Orthodontic Treatment: Some people have crowded teeth that compromise their beautiful smile but extraction creates room for the remaining teeth to be aligned well so this improves the smile and allows the teeth to masticate properly.
– Remaining infected roots: It’s extraction is necessary because it may continue to generate infection that can lead to more serious oral health issues.
– Supernumerary Teeth: It is an extra tooth that looks unaesthetic and creates mal-alignment, so extraction is advisable of such teeth..
– Retained milky teeth: Delay in exfoliation of milky teeth causes improper eruption of the permanent tooth, so extraction of such teeth gives room to the proper eruption of permanent teeth.
– Wisdom tooth removal: Impacted wisdom teeth can cause damage to adjacent healthy teeth, bone or gums so removal of this tooth helps preventing it.
– Relieves from pain: To get rid of constant pain and discomfort due to tooth decay, fractured tooth, unerupted tooth, partially erupted tooth, mobile tooth.
–  In case of acute infections.
– Loss of natural tooth.
– Post extraction pain and swelling.
– Difficulty in Eating.
– Lisping and speech issues.
– Bad impact on other teeth.
– Aesthetically unpleasing.
– Pit formation- Pit is the space left after the tooth was removed. It is likely to occur if you extract a tooth and don’t replace it artificially.
– High cost of replacement..

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Complications of extraction:
During treatment:
– Nerve injury
– Maxillary sinus exposure
– Haematoma
– Mandibular fracture
– Displacement of the third molar
– Damage to the adjacent tooth
– Soft tissue trauma
– Dislocation of TMJ
After treatment:
– Delayed healing
– Osteoradionecrosis
– Dry socket
– Unusual inflammatory process
– Abscess formation
– Trismus
– Surgical emphysema
– Haemorrhage

Why choose top oral surgeons for tooth extraction in Ahmedabad?
When advanced surgical procedures are needed, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon will assure the most successful results. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons receive specialized training to treat a variety of conditions affecting the face, mouth, and jaw. Patients are typically referred to an oral surgeon when a problem is beyond the scope of a general dentist’s expertise. Oral surgeons perform simple and complex tooth extractions, including wisdom tooth extraction. Oral surgeons may also perform soft tissue biopsies, tumor removal, jaw realignment surgery, soft tissue repair, etc.

Why choose Teeth Care Centre for tooth removal in Ahmedabad?
Teeth Care Centre (TCC) has an MDS – Best Oral Surgeons to perform surgeries according to various complexities. With the continuous advancement in the latest technology, TCC uses painless injection, laser for minimum invasive bloodless tooth extraction surgeries and stringent 7 step sterilization protocol that meets ADA and CDC guidelines. We impart nitrous conscious sedation for calm and comfortable tooth extraction as the patient’s ease and comfort are our utmost priority.

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Visit 1:
– Clinical Diagnosis and records taking like X-ray / CT Scan and prophylactic antibiotics.
– Plan for bone grafting procedure if required.
> > > It is always advantageous to go for bone grafting after extraction. We use the world’s best quality bone grafting materials. To know all about bone grafting visit:
– Pre-operative instructions.

– Pain-free and minimally invasive tooth extraction surgery by oral surgeon in Ahmedabad with all stringent sterilization protocols.
– Bone grafting procedure if planned.
– Tooth extraction – Post-operative instructions.
– Monitoring care by our staff.
> > > Generally the tooth extraction procedure lasts from 20 to 45 minutes. The patient may feel discomfort for 2 to 4 days post-operative.

Visit 3:
– Suture removal (if required) and check-up after 7 days.
– Tooth replacement instructions and planning (If required)


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