The procedure involving removal of tooth from the oral cavity is termed as dental extraction. Tooth extractions are required in cases like impacted wisdom teeth, severely damaged or fractured teeth, grossly decayed teeth, mobile teeth due to severe gum diseases or any improperly placed tooth that cannot be corrected.

Extraction is one of the most feared dental procedures and sometimes it may look like a gruesome procedure, but our tooth extraction specialists do it with the utmost sensitivity and care in order to prevent injury to the surrounding structures. For the final diagnosis, 3D X-rays are required in order to prevent damage to the adjacent nerves. Moreover, the complexity of tooth removal is determined by its position in the oral cavity. ASII the dental extractions, irrespective of the tooth position are performed very gently and precisely under anaesthesia, to ensure our patients are painfree and comfortable throughout the process.

Sterilization and disinfection are paramount parameters in our clinic which ensure a safe and sound dental experience eliminating any chances of blood infection or contamination throughout the treatment.

To effectively eliminate all apprehension and anxiety associated with dental extraction our team of highly skilled and experienced oral surgeons use conscious sedation methods to make your visit pain free and as calming as possible.

Teeth Care Centre is known to incorporate latest technologies in all our treatments and therefore we also provide facility of incorporating dental lasers for surgical extraction of teeth for painless and blood free dental experience.

We aim at putting an end to all the dental anxieties and pain in order to provide you a smooth and pleasant dental experience.