Affordable dental implants

Losing teeth, due to age or injury or due to any disease is very painful and traumatic, in looks, during smiling, having food and also while speaking and even cause further problem also like natural teeth to move out of their correct positions. So, due to all this problems first question arise what to do. For that you consult implant dentist and take an opinion to replace missing teeth.Dental implant AHMEDABAD

Dental implant is used in replacing a single tooth, several teeth or even all of your teeth. The implant itself looks like a screw or cylinder and is placed into the jaw. Over the period of 3 to 6 months, the implant and jawbone bond together to provide a strong support for the crown. An abutment is used as an extension to complete the foundation for the new tooth to be attached. Implant is made of titanium material. There are alternative treatments for missing teeth such as dental bridges and dentures, but both these treatments come with an expiry date. Even if you adhere to a strict maintenance routine, bridges and dentures won’t last more than 10 years. At some point of time, you may need to replace your bridges or dentures. In a dental bridge treatment, a considerable amount of damage is done to neighbouring teeth; hence, this treatment is less preferable. Moreover, there are chances of cavities and decay. Whereas in, implant chances of cavity and decay is not there, Implants guarantee long-term solution to missing teeth, help you retain your natural face shape and smile and guarantee healthy, natural looking teeth, implants do not damage any bone or root. In fact, it stimulates the bone growth and preserves the adjacent natural teeth and gums. However, the scenario is totally different with dental implants. If you follow a daily maintenance and care routine, they can last a lifetime. Overall Implant allows you speak, talk and laugh naturally without worrying about your teeth.

Factors Affect Dental Implant Cost:

One of the most important and common question ask by the patient is cost effective Dental Implant. There are so many factors affect the cost of placing an implant is that.

  • How many Implants are to be placed?
  • The presence of gum disease which is to be cured before placing an Implant
  • Bone loss – If the missing tooth has already affected the jaw bone, procedures may be required, such as bone grafting.
  • The Brand or type of material to be used in implant, post, abutment and crown can also affect the cost of Dental Implant.
  • Sinus Lift- If Patient has sinus than it include extra cost of sinus lift in procedure of placing Implant.
  • X-rays-Even X-rays and C.T Scan which is required to analysis of placing Implant can also be consider as cost affecting Dental Implant.
  • Specialisation- If you are undergoing a complex dental implant surgery the effort n labour requires in this process is more extensive because such cases are handled by only experienced Dentist, he would be likely to charge more.

Implant dentist use special kind of appliance for treatment process and usage of such apparatuses demands high cost.

Why implant is expensive in developed country?

Dental care is not a commodity: In developed countries like, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australasia and USA the dental implant treatment is very expensive and not affordable to many people because there is high profit margin in developed countries because their standard of living is high.  Anywhere from 60% to 80% of what a patient pays goes toward the expense of running a modern dental clinic. Dentists pay for rent or mortgage payments on their office space, payroll for hygienists, office managers and receptionists, paramedical assistants & associate doctors, Marketing costs, like signage and advertising, taxes, supplies, business n staff insurance and technology — just to name a few. Even Service charges are very high compare to that of Developing countries. “A lot of people would be surprised to know how tight the profit margins are”.

Finding Low Cost Dental Implants & Saving Money on Dental Implants  

There are many way to save money on dental implant.

1 Finding Best Rates: To find the best rates, patients should get quotes from several dentists, asking for a comprehensive breakdown of the fees and estimated total cost of the necessary consultations, imaging (x-rays or CT scans), anesthesia, surgery, materials (post, abutment and crown) as well as any additional procedures such as sinus lifts and bone grafts.

2 Travels Abroad: Taking the search a step further, dental tourism in India has become a popular option for those searching for low cost dental implants. Countries such as, United States, Canada, UK, France, Oman and UAE are very costly comparing to India. India has become a favoured destination, for tourists, not just for its esthetical topography and mystical Arts & culture but also for Dental /Medical Tourism. The Cost of Treatment and Dental Insurance being the major contributing factors. In most developed/Western countries, dental insurance coverage is low where as the cost of treatment remains exorbitant, thus remaining very expensive and inaccessible to the public at large. In comparison, the cost of Dental Treatment in a country like India, is comparatively much lesser, and at the same time provides the same quality of Care.