How to choose the right implant dentist in Ahmedabad, India?


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The process of positioning a dental implant requires a high level of skill and experience to do it the right way, but it gets a lot easier once you know where to look to find good Dentist Doctors, what to look for when comparing them and finally what questions to ask to determine which best fits your needs and situation. In this Article we will help you How to find one, factors to consider when choosing right Implant dentist, to know background of clinic etc

How Ahmedabad, India is home to well-qualified Implant dentists?

When it comes to choosing implant dentist in Ahmedabad, India there is no right or wrong answer. There are only a few considerations. You and your dentist will be long-term oral health care partners; therefore find someone you can be comfortable with. Other factors include proximity to your home, clinic hours and the dentist’s approach to preventive dentistry to help you relax and feel more comfortable during any necessary dental treatment. We Indians are greatest consumers on earth today. In this process, we have become expert at sorting through competing brands of everything. We ask our friends, relatives about their experience and recommendations, and we consult consumer magazines, buying guides and online bulletin boards to get detail information. If you are considering dental implant selecting the right implant doctor demands just as much attention. With proper diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment maintenance, dental implants can be part of your body, very possible for rest of your life. But where do you start? Unlike your laptops or the cell phones you can’t turn on in a local store or read about it in consumer report, you don’t get to test drive your implant doctor or look up for his/her rating in a buyer’s guide. You will be having a long and a happy relation with your implant and implant doctor which has to be greatly enhanced

Why it is important to search little Background of Implant Dentist?

A Little background: – Before u start finding the right doctor; it is helpful to understand a bit about the dental profession and where implant fit into it. Normally, a single trained implant doctor often provides complete treatment from diagnosis through surgery to final restoration. This arrangement occurs in India too, but best is a “team” approach in which the implant surgery and restorations are handled by different doctors. The doctors who place and restore implants or belong to an implant team are “specialist” in his work the way that oral surgeons, prosthodontists, or periodontists are.

What Factors are to be Consider When Choosing a Best Implant Dentist?

  • How long has the dentist been working with dental implants?
    • How much training has the dentist had in implant dentistry?
    • How many previous dental implant patients have been treated successfully?
    • Are there dental implant before/after pictures available from previous patients?
    • Is more than one implant dentist going to be involved in the procedure?
    • How long will the entire dental implant procedure take?
    • Does the dental implant dentist have high ratings and reviews on patient review sites?

Along with evaluating the answers to the questions above, it is important to evaluate hygiene protocol, sterilization protocol, Clinic environment and whether your implant dentist is willing to listen to your needs with full patience and giving opinions. Looking for a implant dentist who is willing to explain the options and procedure to you in easy, comfortable terms is an important way to ensure that you can participate in the treatment decisions.

Why Teeth care centre dental clinic is unique then others in terms of dental implant in Ahmedabad?

We exclusively do Nobel Biocare implant. It’s the world’s best brand. Nobel Biocare is pioneer in Implant it was the only company who started with implant and it’s a surgical process so firstly Dr Pankti Patel takes Patients Records and then her team of doctors [oral surgeon, periodontist, prosthodontist, cosmetic dentist] do Analysis on these records so that we can guide patient in better way. We have team Approach for all such procedures. We are the only implant clinic in Ahmedabad, India who does Analysis as it takes 1 day to analyze your case. We strictly follow sterilization protocol which is the prime requisite for any implant surgery and this is what   Makes Teeth Care Centre unique from others. For More details visit