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Smile Makeover

#Smile is the first thing always observed on person’s face. Alignment, color and shape of the teeth adds beauty to the smile. Smile Makeover is a dental cosmetic procedure which includes the alteration in the shape and color of the teeth. There are various dental cosmetic treatments like #TeethWhitening, #DirectVeneers, #IndirectVeneers, #PorcelainVeneers. Teeth whitening is the procedure where bleaching is applied on teeth surface and #BiolaseLaser is applied on it to fasten the procedure. It whitens the teeth matching to the skin color. Porcelain Veneers are the customized tooth colored thin shells of porcelain cemented on front surface of teeth. The cosmetic treatment varies from patient to patient but it changes the appearance giving natural look.

At #TeethCareCentre the #CosmeticDentistAhmedabad, Dr. Pankti Patel transforms the smile with her magical art of cosmetic dentistry. We use #DigitalSmileDesigning to show the patients before starting of the procedure the outcome of magic of smile makeover. #MakingSmileIncredible