Splint Therapy in Temporo-Mandibular Dysfunction

#TemporomandibularJoint is the connection between mandible and skull. Dysfunction in the muscles of mastication i.e. the muscles that chew is called #TemporomandibularDysfunction (TMD). There are various treatments which can reduce inflammation like taking NSAIDs, taking soft foods, applying ice or cold packs, jaw exercise, relaxation techniques. The #OcclusalSplintTherapy is the method to treat disc displacement with reduction of #TMJ. It gives significant pain relief to patients with TMD. Occlusal splint is a device which is a type of mouth guard for patients who have habit of teeth grinding. They are used for short period of time and they fit perfectly between upper and lower teeth. They help to stabilize the jaw and reduce muscle tension and thus relive pain.

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At #TeethCareCentre we have equipped the clinic with all the recent and advanced technology equipment which reduces human error and gives precise and required result of the treatment. Our main aim is to make every patient pain free.  #MakingSmileIncredible