Why early orthodontic intervention is necessary?

#OrthodonticTreatment is the procedure to align mal-aligned or mal-positioned teeth. The treatment is possible in young and adult age both. Early intervention is necessary because in growing age in children the bone is soft and the jaw is growing. So if any of the changes are to be made like expansion of jaw or in the alignment of teeth it can be done. Usually the orthodontic treatment is advised at age between 10 to 14, while head and mouth are still growing and teeth are conductive to straightening. The best time for a child to see an orthodontist is at age 7 years. At this age issues like overcrowding or uneven bite can be seen and treated. Intervening early means to treat the issues which can lead to mal-alignment of teeth.

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At #TeethCareCentre the #OrthodontistAhmedabad believes in analysis before starting of orthodontic treatment. We prioritize on analysis which is the ultimate step for best results. #MakingSmileIncredible