invisalign ahmedabad dr nirav patel provider india teeth care centre pankti patel clear aligner gujarat top no1What are invisalign / Invisible Aligners?

Nothing beats a sincere and honest smile. Throughout your day-to-day life an enhanced incredible smile can give you more confidence and enable you to feel happier along with making the best impression and also boost up your confidence.

If you’re after a best smile that enhances your appearance, Invisible Aligner braces are the treatment for you. Despite the many orthodontic options out there, no alternative works with the ease of invisible clear aligner braces. Invisible braces are the optimum way to change your smile without affecting your lifestyle. Many people who want straight teeth never go through with treatment because they just don’t like the way braces look.

Invisalign ® system is world’s best, comfortable, convenient Orthodontic treatment. Invisalign ® treatment especially comprises of clear, custom-crafted mouthpieces to gradually guide teeth into proper alignment. over 3 million people worldwide have already discovered.  The best part about the whole process is that most people won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth.

Invisalign ® invisible braces treatment straightens patient’s teeth without the wires and brackets associated with metal braces, making it especially discreet. The Invisalign ® process involves a series of computer-generated, clear, removable aligners worn to straighten the teeth. Each set of aligners gently guides the teeth into place and is worn for approximately two weeks before moving on to the next in the series.

Which Will Work Best?  – Braces vs. Invisalign

While both braces and Invisalign ® can help straighten teeth, they each have pros and cons. Take a look at the detailed braces vs. Invisalign ® comparison chart below.

  Braces (irremovable)         Vs.   Invisalign (removable)  
Metal-typically silver; can pay extra for colour or enamel colour Colour Clear/invisible
24/7 for an average of 2 years, depending on patient needs Treatment time 22-24 hrs/day for 6 to 18 months, depending on patient needs
Rs. 35000 to 350000 Cost 60000 to 500000
Every month Follow up visits  No visits required

 What are the Advantages of Invisalign over Braces?

While the results may appear the same—a confident, beautiful smile—when you stop and actually compare Invisalign ® to other teeth-straightening options, the advantages become quite apparent. Knowing the pros and cons of each option above will help you make a more confident decision.

                                                                                                      INVISALIGN BRACES
Effectively treats a wide variety of cases, including crowding, spacing, cross bite, overbite and under bite.
Straightens your teeth.
Allows you to eat whatever foods you enjoy. X
Lets you remove the device when you want. X
Lets you enjoy virtually invisible teeth-straightening. X
Allows you to brush and floss your teeth normally for better periodontal health. X
Consists of smooth, comfortable plastic instead of sharp metal that is more likely to irritate your cheeks and gums. X
Frees up your busy schedule, with office visits only every four to six weeks. X

How much does Invisalign cost in india?

Mumbai, Delhi 170000 – 380000
Chennai, Kolkata 165000 – 355000
Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad 160000 – 325000
Chandigarh, Noida 150000 – 365000
Ahmedabad – Other Clinics 130000 – 340000
Ahmedabad – Teeth Care Centre ® *

Invisalign Express (7 Trays)

Invisalign Lite (14 Trays)

Invisalign Moderate (26 Trays)

Invisalign Comprehensive ( Unlimited Trays)






*Teeth Care Centre rates includes pre and mid treatment impressions, regular and refinement trays,  premolar extractions, follow up visits and retainers.

invisalign prefered provider ahmedabad silver gold diamond platinum bronze vip best top no1Teeth Care Centre ® is elite provider of  Invisalign ® and get a huge benefit of costs from company which is passed on directly to the patients.

We are honoured to present the most economic and cost effective Invisalign® treatment across the globe. So don’t stay back in your town; travel to us and grab this opportunity to save huge amount on your Invisalign® treatment. You just need 2 appointments.

VISIT 1: Taking Orthodontic records which includes case history, oral pictures, impressions of your teeth and X-rays for doing analysis and treatment planning.

-Meanwhile between the two appointments, the video will be send to you showing your smile transformation.

VISIT 2: Invisalign® trays will be delivered.

  • The typical price of Invisalign ® braces is usually a bit higher than regular braces. The average cost, according to the manufacturer, is between INR 100000 to 350000. But at Teeth care Centre ®, leading provider of invisalign in india provides this treatment at very affordable rates. The factors that come into play are the extent of the alignment your teeth require and how many aligners you need throughout the treatment. Most insurance plans cover Invisalign just as they would regular braces.
  • The Invisalign cost in India is not very low as compared to Invisalign ® cost UK, USA, canada, France or  other western countries. But leading providers of aligners [ invisalign,USA and kline, Germany] like Teeth Care Centre in Ahmedabad provides invisalign ® aligner treatment at very affordable rates. Patients from Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Rajkot, Noida, Vadodara, Pune, Hyderabad, Gandhidham also visit Teeth Care Centre for aligner treatment just because its very economical [almost 30% less] as compare to home city and less visits required.[2-3 visits required during treatment]..

How to find Right Invisalign provider?

The best place to begin your search for an Invisalign provider is on the find a preferred provider page at Invisalign ® official site. Enter your city name, and you will get a list of results of Invisalign providers (orthodontists) in your area.

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So to speak to the best Orthodontist for Invisalign treatment in india visit


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