What is Celebrity dentist and their smile makeover secrets?

You see it everywhere on the red carpet, in the tabloids, on screen or on ramp; they call it the ‘Bollywood Smile’ – those perfect sets of pearly whites gleaming in the spotlight. But not everyone gets to the top in Bollywood with naturally perfect and straight teeth. In a lot of cases, that comes afterwards. You might be surprised at the number of Celebrities, actors, actresses, models, peagants, who have had work done on their teeth. And fortunately for us we’ve got miles and miles of photographic evidence documenting with treatments done. Great-looking teeth are very important for actors, artists, singers, politicians and even sports persons. Their faces are part of the product they are selling. Whether they’re running for role models, Advertisement or trying to land a starring role in a film, it’s important to have a memorable, trustworthy smile in their fields of work. Without great teeth, you simply can’t pull that off.celebrity dentist ahmedabad dr pankti patel india mumbai bollywood

Ever wondered how you can achieve the ultimate teeth whitening results, choose the very best veneers or stain-removing toothpastes, or whether celebs always opt for the same sort of smile makeover?bollywood celebrity dentist ahmedabad india mumbai dr pankti patel

Sussing out exactly what you have to do to get that dazzling superstar smile of your dreams can be a tricky business, so we reached out to Dr Pankti Patel of Teeth Care Centre dental clinic in Ahmedabad, India and got her to reveal some of her insider secrets. One of the India’s leading celebrity best dentist of Ahmedabad, Dr Pankti Patel is known as the ‘Queen of Smiles’ and is world-renowned for both flawless Bollywood-perfect smile revamps and subtle, more natural-looking dental makeovers. Dr Pankti patel says we as Cosmetic Dentist in Ahmedabad would be very happy and think of ourselves to be more successful if we are able to reach soul or heart of patient.bollywood celebrity dentist ahmedabad mumbai india dr nirav patel

What is Cosmetic Dentistry and how to Achieve Dazzling spotlight Smile with Best Cosmetic Dentist in Ahmedabad at Teeth Care Centre?

Cosmetic dentistry (smile makeovers) is the most dramatic, safest and permanent way of improving your smile and overall face structure. The effects of a smile makeover are seen way beyond teeth or the smile. It is the surest, easiest and quickest way to enhance your personality and self esteem. Cosmetic dentistry is much more than a smile makeover, it is a confidence makeover. Cosmetic Dentistry Options includes tooth coloured bonding, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns (caps), gum grafts, aligners, Braces, dental implants and fixed bridges.bollywood celebrity dentist ahmedabad mumbai india dr nirav patel

What problems can be treated with Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Teeth which are disproportionate to the face (too big or too small) or with each other.
  • Teeth which are sticking out.
  • Yellow or discoloured teeth.
  • Conditions where excess gums are visible while smiling – Gummy smiles.
  • Dark gums.
  • Crooked teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Worn out teeth.
  • Ugly and artificial looking dental crowns.
  • Other tooth defects such as fluorosis, tetracycline stains etc.

Any hitch in the smile can be altered and worked upon. You can email us on info@teethcarecentre.com your facial oral pictures, x-ray, any other reports on if you have or you can call us on +919377783384 so that we can deeply study your case and can guide you in more better way to help you t to get with best eminent solution and Treatment.bollywood celebrity dentist ahmedabad mumbai india dr pankti patel

Why to Choose Celebrity Dentist and what are the reasons to choose Teeth Care centre Dental Hospital?

Every Dentist claims they are the best reviewed or the top rated, claim to be painless, more gentle, more caring and more punctual. They claim they have more training, are the cleanest and use the best holistic natural materials. How can you choose where to take care of your family’s dental needs, when every dentist claims the same great features? Cosmetic Dentist Dr Nirav Patel at teeth Care Centre Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad has proved these features and has been a part of the community for over 10 years, with a long track record of success Treating Celebtrities, Politicians, Businessman, singers, athletes, Ramp Models, children.

Dr Pankti Patel, Celebrity Dentist at Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital welcomes all patients from New York, USA, Australia, Africa, Florida, Indonesia, New Zealand, Texas, Atlanta, Canada, England, Muscat, Ohio, Kenton, Alicante, Spain, Mexico, UK, Japan, Oman, Frankfort, Cincinnati, Houston, Sugarland, New Jersey, Paramus, Torrington, San Francisco, Massachusetts, Georgia,  Oakland, San Antonio, Brownsville, Desoto, Chicago, nearby Towns and the World.celebrity dentist ahmedabad mumbai india dr nirav patel

Dr. Nirav Patel and Dr Pankti Patel offers patients a comprehensive list of general, implant and cosmetic dental services designed to meet the needs of the whole family. Our goal is to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining long term dental health and a beautiful smile.

Which celebrity smiles have been transformed in Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital?

“We have worked on many different celebrities including actors, singers, ballerinas, politicians and reality stars.”

Some of our recent celebrity clients include Rajneesh Duggal, Shreyas Talpade, Ejaj Khan, Manjri Fadnis, Harsh Nagar, Sahil Anand, Sonarika Bhadoria and many more.bollywood celebrity detist ahmedabad mumbai india dr pankti patel

Do your celebrity clients tend to go for the same type of smile makeover?

“We get requests for many different types of smiles and we can customise this to each individual to suit them.”

“There are treatments such as tooth whitening, veneers, invisible braces and aesthetic reshaping which can all be used to improve a smile. In terms of colour, there are 16 different shades in the natural shade spectrum plus four ultra-white shades. In terms of shape, we choose between rounded canines and pointed, which were popular during the certain film series.”

“We also provide each patient with a Headphone Facility so that can connect to his/her mobile and blocks out any favourite sounds and helps them feel nice and relaxed.bollywood celebrity dentist ahmedabad mumbai india dr nirav patel

“We really can create virtually any smile a patient wants. “At Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital, Satellite, Ahmedabad India..