Root Canal Treatment

At Teeth Care Centre® Dental Hospital (TCC), we have equipped the hospital with branded ultramodern instruments and machines with newest technology available around the globe. We perform single visit to multiple visit pain free Root Canal Treatment (RCT) to make the patient save their tooth.
For Root Canal Treatment as per the instrument guidelines, it should not be overused so at TCC we follow the same protocol to avoid breakage of the instrument inside the tooth.Teeth care centre dental hospital ahmedabad gujarat india dentist dental clinic nirav patel pankti patel best interior health care doctor dentistry (2)
Five Reasons to choose Teeth Care Centre® for Root Canal Treatment
– Painless Treatment
– Ultra-Modern Equipment
– Use of world’s Best Material
– Team Approach for best result
– 99.23% success rate

rct root canal treatment ahmedabad dentist endodontist painless teeth care centre pankti patel nirav specialistThe vitality of tooth is depended on its blood supply. So if due to any reason the blood supply is lost the tooth becomes non-vital. But if the tooth is vital and the pulp is damaged sharp, shooting and throbbing pain is felt, intraoral or extra oral swelling is found, and sometimes abscess is formed. Signs you may need root canal therapy include:
– Severe toothache pain upon chewing or application of pressure.
– Prolonged sensitivity (pain) to hot or cold temperatures.
– Discoloration (darkening) of the tooth.
– Swelling and tenderness in nearby gums.
– A persistent or recurring pimple on the gum.

Root canal treatment
Root Canal Treatment is the therapeutic treatment to save the damaged tooth. It includes removing of the damaged pulp, cleaning, shaping and filling of the tooth. With help of RCT the natural tooth can be retained for long period of time thus maintaining natural bite and healthy functioning.
Types of Root Canal Treatment:
> Single Visit RCT: Indicated in non-vital tooth, acute infection, injury which leads to exposure of nerve, severe sensitivity. It is less traumatic to the patients and less time consuming.
> Multiple Visit RCT: The teeth with peri-apical lesion needs multiple (3 – 4) sitting for RCT.
> Root Canal Treatment with Apicoectomy: When there is infection still prevailing after RCT apicoectomy also called root end surgery is advised. In this minor surgical procedure, root tip or apex of the tooth is removed.
Dental Crowns:
After Root Canal Treatment the treated tooth becomes brittle. Hence, dental crown is advised to restore the tooth structure. If crown is not cemented there are chances of breakage of tooth structure which leads to failure of RCT.
There are various types of dental crowns available:
– Porcelain fused to Metal(PFM)
– Zirconia (All ceramic)
– Gold
– Stainless Steel

At Teeth Care Centre®, We have a team of dentists which includes the specialized doctor for Endodontic Treatment and Surgery.
– Endodontist has 3 year degree specialized only for Root Canal Treatments.
– For Apicoectomy, Oral Surgeon who holds specialized degree in the field.

Teeth care centre dental hospital ahmedabad gujarat india dentist dental clinic nirav patel pankti patel best interior health care doctor dentistry (13)Everyone wants comfortable and pain free treatment. So as doctor’s we are in constant search of new gadgets, techniques and anesthetic agents which can work magic for patients.

  1. TCC provides painless injection using SEPTODONT system of anesthesia.
  2. TCC has MATRX Conscious sedation facility in which Laughing gas is passed through mask for anxious patients.
  3. We have COLTENE brand Rubber dam from Switzerland system for isolation of tooth. It protects patient’s airway from materials which may fall during treatment.
  4. Root Canal Treatment is the conservative procedure hence we use appropriate burs for Conservation of healthy tooth structure. Burs maximize efficiency during endodontic access and canal exploration.
  5. We use W&H Airotor from Austria which is characterized by high performance, optimal ergonomics and is highly efficient. It produces less heat for proper cavity preparation.
  6. We use Proglider system from DENTSPLY for finding precise path for efficient Rotary Instruments/Files from DENTSPLY which has great flexibility, higher strength to navigate and shape the canal.
  7. TCC uses CARL ZEISS Magnification Loupes which generates high contrast stereoscopic image with good color fidelity extending to peripheral zones to assure accuracy while giving diagnosis and for doing precision work.
  8. Using Apex locator from MORITA we make sure of the apical constriction and determine the length of the root canal space.
  9. We use EndoActivator Irrigation system from Netherlands for cleaning of canals. Irrigation is a vital step in RCT. Because of the root anatomy, the debris remains aside. These prevent close adaptation of obturation material. Thus to flush out all tissue debris, microbes and their by-products irrigation is required.
  10. For obturation of the root canal, we use handpieces promoting 3D filling of the root canal. With help of this system accessory canals can also be filled and proper obturation is obtained.


  1. TCC use excellent quality sealant material for sealing the apex and for preventing the chances of leakage.
  2. For filling of the canal TCC uses highest quality Gutta Percha of various sizes.
  3. The access cavity after the Root canal treatment is filled and restored with Light Cured Composite Resin (Ivolcar/3M/VOCO/GC).

Root Canal Treatment Testimonial:

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